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Brittany Gold is a character in Goliath.


Brittany (Tania Raymonde) is a brilliant paralegal who occasionally works for Billy. [1], her old friend, and moonlights as a Los Angeles escort.

She loves Billy because he values her for her brilliant mind. Her work as his paralegal is critical to her sense of self and self-esteem. Indeed, it was so important to her that most of the time she worked for free, except for her need for his emotional attachment.   Unfortunately the relationship goes awry when she degrades herself to help Billy trap a cop using her skills as an escort. Even though she helped Billy, he lost some respect for her and consequently withheld the emotionally attachment she so sorely required from him.  Consequently, Callie was able to exploit Billy’s emotional rejection of Brittany to get Brittany to turn on Billy at trial.

Both Brittany and Billy are intellectually brilliant, but emotionally broken and searching for something from life. When push comes to shove they can depend on each other (99% of the time).