Wade Blackwood is a character in Season 3 of Goliath.

Description[edit | edit source]

Wade Blackwood is described as a "corporate California farmer who's siphoning water away from his smaller competitors." His sister is Diana Blackwood.

Wade runs several farming companies, primarily the Tallgrass Farming Company in Blackwood County. Wade is the president of the Blackwood County Water board. He often frequents the Rising Sun Casino, where him and several other corporate farmers meet together in the "high-stakes room." Roy Wheeler, one of Wade's good friends, also meets with Wade there.

Wade is first introduced when Billy and Gene Bennett are driving around the local farms after Bobbi's death. Wade offers his condolences, then offers to buy Gene's land. Suspicion grows around Wade's activities within the county, based off his last name and his surprisingly fertile almond orchards.

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